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Manufactured in Turkey our OEX is maintains one of the highest quality it TR90 . Its main power is its flexibility and durability, where we invested a lot in making the material highly durable with unbreakable quality. With our wide range with more than of 1000 (colors, styles and forms) you’ll never go out of style .


OEX is a Turkish eyewear brand that specializes exclusively in optical frames. Known for its extensive range of over 5000 models and colors, OEX offers durable and stylish eyewear for men, women, and children.

  • OEX eyewear is made from TR90 material, which is known for its lightweight, flexibility, and unbreakable properties, ensuring durability and comfort.

Yes, OEX offers a diverse range of optical frames designed to suit men, women, and children, with a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from

OEX combines affordability with high-quality craftsmanship. Our frames are made from TR90 material, making them lightweight, flexible, and virtually unbreakable. With over 5000 models and colors, there’s something for everyone.

OEX eyewear falls into the low-cost price range, making high-quality optical frames accessible to a wide audience without compromising on style or durability.

OEX eyewear is available at select optical retailers and authorized online sellers. You can contact us for more details on where to find our products.

Yes, OEX provides a limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects. Please refer to the warranty card included with your purchase for specific details and terms.

OEX stands out for its blend of affordability, durability, and extensive variety. Made from unbreakable TR90 material, our frames offer comfort and resilience, while our wide range of models and colors ensures that there’s an option for every taste and need.


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